The World Class Production Facility, that commensurate with Global Standards, includes a range of modern gear like the CNC tube bending machines, auto-feed presses, SPM and Seam welding machines, Robotic Wielding among others.

The Plants are equipped with fully automated and conveyorised painting and powder coating lines, high-tech PLC controlled Tri-Nickel plating plants and Non-Cyanide Alkaline Zinc Plating plants. The group specializes in providing with durable and corrosion resistant finishes. Further sophistications include an in-house CAD/CAM facility, advanced software like Pro/ENGINEER, industrial wire cutting machines, a machining center for tool making and a well-resourced training center.
Press Shop with progressive toolings (Stamping)
Tri Nickel Plating Lines.
Welding Shop with Robotic welding solution.  
Powder Coating Lines.  
Strut & Shocks Mfg. Shop    
Spoke & Nipple Mfg. Shop    
Automated PLC based non-Cyanide Alkaline Zinc Plating with Trivalent Chrome Passination.
  Apart from these machine shops all the plants are equipped with the primary utilities like:  
Tool & Design Room DG Sets Effluent Treatment Plant Sewerage Treatment Plant  
Wire Cutting Machines Wire Cutting Machines CNC Tube Bending Seam Welding Conveyorised Tri Nickle
Plating Plant
Nipple Manufacturing Unit